Monday, October 5, 2009

A Twitterific Skyline Ridge Race Report

(Trying something different for this race)

6:10 - getting up...been awake since 3 a.m. Bleh.
6:17 - Not sure whether I can do 50k without proper training. 37k at a minimum today, right? right.
6:27 - at Peet's, getting the usual pre-race food (caramel latte, scone, muffin)
6:55 - crossing Bay Bridge. Golden Gate, the city, Marin....esp. gorgeous in this morning light
7:02 - still brooding over Cal's terrible loss...season down the drain
7:12 - wondering how walking all over Berkeley and standing all through the game last night will affect my legs. Likely not good.
7:35 - Arrive at race. Say hi to @BrianWyatt
7:36 - Brrrrr...I doubt it's even 40 degrees. very windy, too. Check in time. hug @SarahSpelt
8:00 - bio taken care of. Changing into race gear and keeping warm in car.
8:15 - Meeting some Floridians, including first time ultra-runner. Big day for him
8:24 - another bio break. wtf?
8:29 - Hello @RickGaston! Smile. Picture.
8:30 - Off...taking it easy.
8:33 - Super smooth trails.
8:40 - Relaxing big time
9:28 - Out and back...time to grunt my "g'd'job"s
9:29 - g'd'job!
9:30 - g'd'job! g'd'job!
9:31 - g'd'job! g'd'job! g'd'job!
9:37 - aid #1. Lamenting my out of shape self and the Golden Bears disappointment with @BrianWyatt
9:40 - Feeling GREAT!
9:55 - Running smoooooooth
10:12 - stomach acting up. It should be settled after two bio breaks before race
10:37 - Now, it's completely empty. bio break #3
10:38 - Desperately trying to eat at aid 2. Not working out so well.
10:42 - starting to eat another gel. Tastes terrible. Usually that's my favorite.
10:44 - stomach cramp. ugh
10:52 - cramp, cramp, cramp
11:02 - still trying to eat that gel. Not good.
11:24 - at aid#3. Have yet to finish gel. pretzels work better but not enough. stomach still cramping.
11:45 - can't run more than a quarter mile without stomach cramps. Legs are starting to feel ueber-weak b/c I have no calories in me. BAD
12:02 - walking way to much in order to try to settle stomach cramps.
12:08 - This is stupid. I'll take the 37k and call it a day.
12:15 - Pulling out of race. Realizing I'm in 4th and had a good pace. @Wendell looked surprised. I'm frustrated
12:20 - time for chili! @RickGaston is the cook
12:35 - saying my good-byes.
12:45 - driving home. Really wish I could have finished. Must return next year. Definitely some unfinished business.
2:02 - Back in Berkeley. Shower and off to the Spice of Life festival. Food, food, food right at my door step!