Monday, February 16, 2009

When Trails Turn to Creeks...

Relentless rain has dropped between 2-4 inches of the wet stuff all over the Bay Area during the past 24-36 hours. The hills are getting soaked and the trails are the muddiest they have been all winter. They were muddy, of course, only when they hadn't turned into a creeks.

A solid 20 miler allowed me to enjoy me plenty of single and double-track, which I had all to myself on this soggy Presidents Day. By the end, a quarter-inch thick layer of muddy goodness was caked on my calves. SPLENDID!

If you haven't already, go enjoy the rain!!


David Ray said...

Got to love the mud runs!

Anonymous said...

Good reports, great blog.

Which are your favorite trails in the east bay/berkeley so far?

Jean Pommier said...

I need to post a new blog on this, I had the same experience running in Joseph Grant Park yesterday. At first I had to cross creeks, then trails turned to creeks. I have never been so soaked while running on trails. Well, except for some places during the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica last year.

You are right, let's enjoy the rain. As much of it this month!

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