Saturday, March 14, 2009

The (Forced) Extreme Taper

As I am typing this, the lady is out for a 12 miler getting ready for her upcoming half-marathon. What am I doing sitting on my couch typing away a week before Rucky Chucky? Tapering, well, actually I'm resting.

Early in the week, I started experiencing dorsal foot pain. It cut a 10 miler on Tuesday short. Rested Wednesday. Worries of an over-use injury like a stress fracture wouldn't subside. Ran an easy 2 on Thursday...only for my foot to feel sore again. Rest Friday. Rest today (Saturday). Rest tomorrow (Sunday).

It sucks and I'm celebrating a pity party (and doing countless sit-ups to strengthen my core).

Not running makes me feel sluggish and tired. Bleh!


David Ray said...

It's endorphin withdrawals. Can you bike or something to get the heart rate up? That would help with the mood.

Hope the foot is okay, though. That would be really bad.

bigRahn said...

Situps? Thats probably a better idea then sitting around all day watching running videos on YouTube like I did today. :)

Hope all heals well.

Anonymous said...

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