Monday, May 4, 2009

How Running Has Changed My Life

Over on, an interesting question was raised:

How's has running changed your life? I'm not talking about how it may have helped you improve your health, become more confident, or the like. Nope. I want to know if and when your love of running, in whatever form, has been a deciding factor in a major life decision. Did you choose your college because you could run on the cross country team? Have you ended a relationship... or gotten married because of running? Have you ever moved across town... or across the country to be closer to better running grounds? Ever taken or not taken a job based on how it would affect your running?

To answer this question I have to go all the way back to how I started running. (Trust me, this goes beyond me getting healthier, slimmer, nuttier, etc....just hear me out). As you may know, I attended college in Atlanta, GA, and my undergrad institution required that we take four PE classes. I chose to take, no, not running, but swimming.

At the beginning of the course, they made us all swim a work out and based on the results put us in particular lanes based on our skill level for the rest of the semester. I ended up in a lane with three ladies, one of whom struck my fancy. Eventually, I managed to ask her (completely out of breath, mind you, she was in better shape than me) what she liked doing in her free time. "Running," she said. "Me too!" I replied, which was a complete lie. Of course, I asked whether she wanted to go running together some time. Clearly, I wasn't fully in control of my senses, since I had never run more than one continuous mile in my life. Ever.

She wanted to go the next day, but I pushed back to the following week, immediately embarking on a ridiculous training regimen (one, two even three miles in one day) that left we sore, tired and exhausted for our date. She crushed me (get it?). I was hooked on the girl and running. All this happened almost nine years ago.

Later this summer, I will be getting married to girl "from swim class.'

This is how running changed my life.


David Ray said...

Such a guy.

Could she tell what a liar you were after the first run attempt? :)

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

I don't know that "liar" is the right word. In this case I prefer "opportunist."

David Ray said...

Yep, whatever it takes. Good man with his eye on the prize. :)

Sunshine Girl said...

That is such a great story! Keith and I met when I was hitch-hiking to the ski hill.

Addy said...

Great story! It reminds me a little bit of how my BF and I started dating. I was introduced to him after I had come back from a run and he told me (also bending the truth a bit) told me he ran too, so we went for a 7 miler for our first date :)

Such a good way to start dating someone!

When is your wedding?

Brett said...

Dude, awesome story!s

wcaitlin said...

I hope that we'll both be running 50k's in our 70's... that would kick ass By the way, fun to know how you fell in love with running and again congrats, she is super special girl!