Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Instead of telling you how wonderful a time I had at the Salt Point 50k, I have to give you an injury update. Rats! My ankle was hurt bad enough that running 31 trail miles would not have been a good idea. I do value long term health (and my ability to run!) over short-term fun. With that I stayed home all weekend and worked. Yes, I'm busy as heck with my work and with the wedding coming up. It's all fun actually. Just get to do less blogging.

One interesting thing that happened was that my ankle/foot went numb some time during the middle of last week. Freaked me out a bit. Turns out that I had been icing it a little bit excessively. Imagine that: an ultra-runner going above and beyond what's required. :)

I have started to run again albeit lightly. The focus is now on the fall season, which will be busy, busy, busy!


Addy said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you're hurt. Very smart call taking it easy. There will be plenty more 50ks in your future, I'm sure :)

Hope you're back to your old self soon.

How long until the wedding?

David Ray said...

And where's the honeymoon? :)

Smart move to let it heal. That shows admirable restraint for an ultrarunner.

Jo Lynn said...

Ankles! Who needs 'em? I'm sure you're about ready to get rid of yours at this point too, eh? Ugh. Sorry you're still down with the injury.

Take is slow and easy. It will heal faster that way (and correctly). :-/

Jo Lynn said...

Are you doing Skyline 50K? Probably not. What are you going to do at Chabot?