Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scott Dunlap Interview!

Scott Dunlap, author of the very popular "A Trail Runner's Blog", has volunteered to do an interview. It will be part of the interview series on his site. He's had such heavy hitters as Tim Twietmeyer, Krissy Moehl, Andy Jones-Wilkins, Dean Karnazes and Kristin Armstrong 'stop by' his blog for an interview. Now it's his turn!

But I need your help. Is there anything you ever wanted to know about Scott? Something you wanted to ask? Let me know in the comment section.

This should be fun!

P.s. Report of my West Cost trail runs will come soon.


Scott Dunlap said...

Dave -

Looking forward to the interview. Here are some questions that have come in over the last few months in no particular order:

1) Do you tape your feet?
2) If you have a CEO job and 1 year old, when do run? When do you have time to blog?
3) How much time do you lose taking pictures when in a race?
4) What kind of camera do you use?
5) What kind of traffic do you get to your blog, and what can I expect if I start my own? Any tips?
6) How do you stay positive when the chips are down?
7) Have you had any issues/regrets about sharing personal information in a public setting like a blog? My teenager is doing this too and I'm not so sure if it's a good thing.

Not that I have answers for any of these, but there you go. ;-)


[btw, most comments come in from anonymous commenters]

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Dave,
Let's ask Scott about his plans for 2008 or any other long term running plans.

Dave said...

These are all great questions.

I'll be sending Scott all of them in a couple of days.

Looking forward to it!

Addy said...

looking forward to the interview :)

Ryan Walker said...

Great idea, Dave. How about, how much altitude affects him. I live in Louisiana, and still wonder if any of the races I read about, are even possible, with me training at such low levels. Now, heat acclimation on the other hand, is not a problem down here.

Dave said...

I'm putting together the questions (I have so many!).

Ryan, I feel you on heat (and humidity!) acclimation. Can't wait for the fall...

Jon said...

I'm glad you're heading this up Dave. Scott has a few of the questions I wanted to know (mostly #2).

The other two things I wanted to ask him:

1.) Before your recovery/injury after TRT100, what was your typical running/triathlon training schedule like for the week? Miles Per Week?

2.) How do you make enough happy family time with your schedule as busy as it could be (with your job as a CEO, your blogging, and your training)? Ever get into arguments about it?

Dave said...

I just got Scott's initial round of questions. And I must say, it is going to be incredible. Scott's responses are insightful, well-written, very funny (I laughed out loud several times), interesting, inspiring... I could go on and on with complimentary adjectives. I'll probably ask him one or two more questions and proofread everything. Scott's also digging for some new photos. Then we should be done.

I'm sure you will all enjoy this one!


Hey, Dave,

Maybe this is too late. I couldn't figure out the original link from his blog.

I've actually kind of asked Scott about this, might be interesting. What kind of free stuff does he get, running probably the most widely read ultra/trail running blog. Who sponsors him and what that involves.

Married runners may want to know (and Jon's 2nd question addresses) how his wife feels about all his running, if she ever feels he trains or races too much, is anyone helping take care of Sophie when he takes off? How come we've never seen his wife at any races? (My wife doesn't go to most of mine now, which is fine.)

Which paper and on-line running publications and sites does he follow regularly, and how he stays current for the purpose of blogging in a timely manner on running topics.