Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Attention Georgia/Southern Bloggers!

I'm looking for fellow running bloggers from Georgia in particular and the South in general. If you write about trail and/or ultra running even better!

If you look at the blog roll on the right, you'd think I'd be from California (no offense, West Coasters...California is awesome!).

I'd love to be part of some sort of Southern trail/ultra blog network.


Michael Day said...

Hi Dave,

I live in Athens and have been blogging about my trail running and running since July. I recently linked to your blog entry about what inspired you this past year. I will be running my first race, an Xterra trail run here in Oconee county, this weekend.

I will continue to follow your blog--hope that you're healthy soon.


Doug said...

Hey Dave. I just found your blog through SLB's this evening.

I'm somewhat from the south, I live in Lexington, KY; which isn't Georgia, but it isn't California either!

Sorry to hear about your recent injury, we're in the same boat right now. Stretching and various exercises in my apartment are my way of life these last few weeks.

Good luck with your recovery.

Anonymous said...

My running blog should be up and running this weekend. I'll send you a link and I'll add you to mine. It is surprising how few running blogs there are coming out of the dirty south.


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...


I'm looking forward to it!

team buttar said...

I've heard of all the great trails in Georgia. I need to get up there ASAP!

Fabian F