Monday, November 5, 2007

Preliminary 2008 Plans

Although nothing is set in stone yet, I have started to think about some potential races in 2008.

Provided that my foot is healthy and I can get myself in shape in time, the Atlanta Fat Ass 50k on January 6 will be my first race. The Hogpen Hill Climb 17k later that month will probably my second race. Otherwise, I'm looking at one or two more trail 50ks for the spring in addition to all three races in the xterra Atlanta Trail Series. A bunch of people are talking about going up to Nashville for the Country Music Half and Full Marathons, so I might join them there. The Georgia Half or Full Marathon might be another option.

That could be a busy spring. For the rest of the year, I am eying the Peachtree Road Race (of course!), taking care of unfinished business in New York and in Santa Barbara as well as a potential 50 miler.

On thing I definitely regret about this year is not racing enough (or at all) the back half of the year, some of which is due to circumstance. There were, however, four or five months between my last race and my foot injury, which is unacceptable. I miss pinning on a race number, the excitement around the starting line, meeting new people...just everything about racing.


Doug said...

I agree big time. I raced like crazy early this year, I loved it! When marathon training took off full steam, though, my racing took a dive. Next time around I plan to make racing part of my training, its more fun that way!

Also, there was a 50K I was looking at in Alabama before I got injured. Here is the link to it, in case its one you glanced over:

Dave said...

I've heard about this one. The elevation chart looks brutal, which means that I'm all the more intrigued by it.

Thanks for pointing it out. It's definitely on my short list now. I've already run to the top of Georgia's tallest mountain (Brasstown Bald Buster 5k 2006), why not do the same in Alabama?

Michael Day said...

hey Dave,

Hope that you are all healed up as next year's races get closer. I am thinking about that 15K Xterra race near Atlanta in May, and even brought up the Brasstown Bald Buster to my wife (I think that's in mid-December this year?). I just completed my first race on Sunday--afraid that I am hooked! (still slow, though)


Jean Pommier said...

Hey, Dave, that's looking ahead! I'm not there yet, the 2007 season is not over yet for me. But, you're right, it's good to have an overall roadmap, and some races actually fill in pretty quickly. Personally I enjoyed mixing 5Ks with ultras, I believe the variety is good, especially to maintain a good stamina and some excitement. and opportunities to mix some "farther" and "faster" goals (my blog theme...). Same on the training side (speedwork / long runs). The other strategy being to focus on very few events like Scott Jurek is doing for instance. But we are not there yet, are we? ;-)


Melanie said...

Wow! You're planning a lot of races there. I hope your injury heals quickly and lets you get back out there.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your Blog. Good to see someone helping to represent trail runners in the Southeast. Anyway, you should think about the Twisted Ankle Marathon in May. Great race that fillls up fast. Only about an hour or so outside of ATL.

If you are recovered in time, don't forget about the Xterra half at the end of the month at Heritage Park outside of Athens. A great alternative for the T-Day weekend. If you haven't run the trails out there, you should. Really fun.


Dave said...

Michael, I will almost definitely at Brasstown. If not running, it will be in the role of crew.

Jean, I like your approach to racing. I've been meaning to do something similar this year. Run medium long distances in the spring (i.e. half-marathons), short ones in the summer to build speed (and because it's too hot to race for longer) and then go long in the fall. As you can see, I was not disciplined enough during the summer and only did 5k. The rest of the strategy (would have) worked.

Melanie, those are the races I'm considering so far. I won't race all.

Rockman, thank you for the suggestions. I had signed up for Twisted Ankle this year, but unfortunately couldn't run it because of a conflict. I'll be out in California for Thanksgiving. It looks like I'll be volunteering at Santa Barbara 9 Trails (if the event takes place. They're having some issues with the fires).

As one of my blog posts next month, I'm planning to compile a comprehensive list of trail races in Georgia in 2008. To my knowledge, there is no comprehensive list of that available right now.

cathi said...

check out the events that the Boonies (wilderness trail running association) up in Chattanooga are putting on, as well as the ones we partner with Rock/Creek Outfitters on. we're adding more for '08, so stay tuned. Great stuff though and fairly close to you!