Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Couldn't Wait Any Longer

30 days of waiting
720 hours of resting
43,200 minutes of anticipation

...and it's all over. Last night, inspired by both Addy's beautifully written entry and Doug's imminent return, I went out for an easy 2 miles. Boy, did it feel good! It's sad to say, but I even missed the ipod lady voice: "Press the Center button to begin your workout".

My body felt like an old car that hasn't been driven in a while. The muscles and joints were a little squeaky. The lungs aren't used to all that oxygen anymore either.

But I could feel my whole body blossoming slowly throughout the run. Like a desert meadow after a rainstorm.

Everything feels fine post run. I should be back out there again today. I'm thrilled to be back!!


Tri+Umph said...

Glad to hear you're feeling great after the run!

As tempting as it is to go run after ready your's and Addy's posts, I'm going to hold off until Wednesday. Something tells me its the right thing to do, even if it is the voice that wants to be lazy!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I was forced to take 5 or so weeks off back in Feb/Mar and know exactly how you feel (well, almost - mine was knee related, not torn ligaments). Those first 2 miles seemed so trivial and so monumental all at the same time.

Michael Day said...

congrats! it must feel good to be back at it. Slow and steady at this point and 2008 will be your year!

Adelyn said...

Congratulations!!! Glad you also had an amazing first run back :) I'll be excited to hear how run number two goes! Your body will be back to its normal self soon, and all the more appreciative of being in that state.

Unknown said...

Great Blog! Enjoyed having dinner last night - we'll have to plan a race sometime... here is a link to the race in Catalina I was telling you about.