Saturday, November 17, 2007

28 Days Later

So the pop-pop-pop (one for each torn ligament, get it?) incident is a month old now. It's been hard not to exercise at all. Like a smoker quitting cold turkey, I stopped my almost 10-month long running streak and haven't done anything faster than walking in four weeks now.

It's easy to want to come back too quickly, but I've got big plans for '08 and foot needs to be fully healed for those. So, with doctor's and PT's permissions, I will be able to start running easy 1-2 miles next ("and immediately ice afterwards!"). That's exciting stuff!!

(This post is in response to a tag from Doug. But I have been meaning to write this anyhow. He must be mind reader.)


Tri+Umph said...

I'm fairly certain you're right: we are living parallel lives.

Giving in to injury at the same time.

Attempting to make a come back at the same time. (I'm giving it a shot Wednesday, I'm pumped!)

Getting road bikes at the same time.

Who knows whats next?

Adelyn said...

glad to hear you have a light showing at the end of the tunnel! How exciting :D

I'm not sure that I should be 'coming back' yet, but the no activity thing was so hard!

Thinking I might see a PT after all if it keeps giving me promises.

Have you found it helpful to see one?

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Doug, just stay away from my girlfriend! LOL

Addy, seeing the PT and being disciplined enough to do all my exercises really helped. As did the patience to not run (that was the hardest part). I was upfront with my PT, too. My goal wasn't to come back and be able to run 5k road races, my goal was to get back out onto technical terrain and run "crazy" distances. She understood that and took that into account during treatment.