Thursday, October 16, 2008

Impressions From My New Home Trails

In all this reminiscing about my summer, I haven't really shown the appreciation I have for living in, what I perceive to be, the unofficial trail capital of the U.S.: the SF Bay Area! ("Unofficial" because me saying it, doesn't constitute the correctness of that statement).

So, I finally brought along a camera on a recent run at Tilden Park (up to Wildcat Peak). Enjoy!

Regular ole' trail. Doesn't look like the South at all, does it?

Wildcat goal for the day and the highest point in Tilden

more beautiful trail

Eucalyptus trees....there are tons of them here, however they are an invasive species

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the top of Wildcat Peak

The infamous Mt. Diablo lurking not too far away...


David Ray said...

Nice pics! How's that school thing going?

Sunshine Girl said...

Howdy Stranger!

Good to see you are still getting out - I've heard running is good stress relief when one is in grad school. I will be in your corner of the world for the Stinson Beach PC Trails race on November 15th!! My husband and I are going to do a race together for our 10th anniversary and as winter is coming, there are NO races to be had in Banff. Hope all is well! :)

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

nice, huh? when am I going to see you at some race?

Jean Pommier said...

Indeed, that's an ultra running paradise, isn't it? Glad you can finally enjoy it live after reading from it through our blogs.

But, like Mark, wondering when I'll see you, finally...

Take care balancing studies and running,

Farther Faster