Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain? Rain!

I have lived in the Bay Area since late July now. Yesterday was the second time it has rained. The SECOND time! And today was the third time. Apparently, the rainy season has started, since it's supposed to rain three more days.

This morning I took the opportunity to run a little bit in the rain. 9 casual miles in the hills. The countless scents liberated by the rain were permeating the trail. It was beautiful! Makes me miss running in the South a little bit.


Addy said...

mmm...I love berkeley running in the rain :). I have a very fond memory of running in the pouring rain down a street near where I used to live.

Glad you're enjoying all those good trail scents!

David Ray said...

It's not raining here. I think I've run in the rain once in the last six months.

But good to hear you're enjoying the trails.