Sunday, January 4, 2009


That's my total mileage for 2008. Honestly, it's not something I'm excited about, as it falls way below my expectations. There were way too many 8, 10, 14 mile weeks during summer/early fall when my training was taking a backseat to other things in life. (1245 miles will get you from Berkeley to Estes Park, CO, gateway to the great Rocky Mountain National Park and one of my playgrounds this past summer).

Alas, it's a new year! My minimum goal for this year is 1,500 miles (4.1/day, 28.8/week) and my dream goal is right at 2009 (5.5/day, 38.6/week). We'll see how 2009 shapes up.


David Ray said...

How's the running fitting in with school?

Jean Pommier said...

Looking at the map I thought you had quite a nice long run, from CO to CA! ;-) I did the same exercise and that got me right in Washington, DC. That's encouraging...

Good luck finding enough time to enjoy the local trails and meet your new running goals, Dave. And looking forward to finally meet you this year!

Farther Faster