Friday, June 12, 2009

Mid-Year "Off-season" and Upcoming Races

Even before my final race of the spring season, the Skyline 2 Sea 50k, I started feeling a bit sluggish. It had been an intense (by my standards) race season with 150+ miles of racing in just 11 weeks. That's definitely more than I had ever raced before. It was also my most successful (half-) season with a couple of top-10s and a couple of PRs (spread over four separate races).

Give me a break! It's off-season. That means "eat ice-cream" where I'm from.

With my trip to Chile as well as a bunch of other travel (Pittsburgh, Vegas, Atlanta...phew!) looming in May and June, life has been pretty busy (oh yeah...I had finals, too!). May/June always looked like the perfect time to rest.

That's an Argentinian steak, Chilean wine and a Californian carnivore

I need the rest. Physically and emotionally. My runs have been very short (except for two 17ish mile efforts) and relaxing. Then last week it happened: I got a little spring in my step. My legs feel strong again! Without even thinking it, I easily ran 40+ miles this week (including some mountain running at high altitude. Not bad for "off-season." In all, I will have probably run around 250 miles during seven weeks of downtime, which officially ends June 15. (It's "official," because I say so!).

With that, I have also started signing up for a bunch of summer/fall races. Here is what's on the plate:
  • Angel Island 16k (June 20) - My first weekend back in the States. Nine miles...sort of like a long sprint. The lady will be running too. So will Will.
  • Sequoia 30k (July 18th) - I know the course and plan to run hard. This should also be a good long-run getting ready for the following week.
  • Salt Point 50k (July 26th) - Looking forward to running 50k's again. This can't come soon enough!
  • San Francisco One Day: 12 hour (Oct. 24) - A timed race will be a new experience for me. I do have a little adventure planned around this though, which the RD has already approved (thanks, Sarah!). More on that later.
  • California International Marathon (Dec. 6) - Haven't run a road marathon since 2004. Me thinks that the 3:47 PR should fall on this fast course. Curious to see how well I can do on the road after my five-year hiatus.
Other races under consideration (likelihood of me entering in %)
  • Pacifica 30k (5%) - July
  • Headlands 50k (30%) - August
  • Santa Cruz Mountains 50k (90%) - September
  • Dick Collins Firetrails - Marathon (75%) - October
  • Dick Collins Firetrails - 50 mile (15%) - October
  • Carmel Valley 50k (25%) - October
  • Rodeo Beach 50k (15%) - December
I may throw in another short race in November in order to get ready for CIM. I don't really know how to look those up efficiently anymore though. :)

And, yes, all races have been cross-referenced with Cal football home games...GO BEARS!


David Ray said...

Dude, that ice cream looks amazing!

Fall planning looks good. I'm in negotiations currently for my schedule. When's that wedding again?

chris mcpeake said...

Great race plan.Looks like a ton of fun ahead of you

Chris Barber, said...

Good job cross-referencing with the Cal home football schedule. Great stadium and a lot of fun. PAC-10 football is great.