Monday, June 8, 2009

Running in Beautiful Buenos Aires

While down here in Santiago, our group decided to go on a weekend trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's just as far south as the capital city of Chile, but on the other side of the continent, which means that the flight is a little over an hour: perfect for a weekend trip!

Practice your geography skills!
(and, yes, I'm really far from home)

As we were planning the trip, my friend C points out this "perfect" tourism tour for me: Urban Running Tours. As the name suggest, this isn't your ole' see-the-city-from-some-double-decker-bus, but a personalized running tour of the key sights in Buenos Aires. Sign me up!

Normally, the tours are about 10k. But I'm not normal people (and you are probably not either if you're reading this), so I contacted them to see whether I could combine several tours into one. That wasn't a problem, despite the crappy weather. It just meant that I got passed off like a baton between two guides. This allowed me to get two different perspectives on the city. Cool!

The guides were very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. Another cool thing about the tour is that they take pictures of you with the sights. Some of them you can see after the jump.

So, next time you find yourself in Buenos Aires and want to see the city in an active way (without breaking the bank, btw), you know where to go!

I forget the name of it, but that statue behind me is supposed to represent all the flowers in Argentina. It also closes at night, which this geeky runner finds pretty cool!

This park was donated by Los Alemanes and I had to pay my respects. The guide did not immediately know where the American counterpart was. I wish we could have made it here, too, because I unquestionably would have done the same thing there. :)

Looks a like Hamburg here in this picture. The building in the background to the right that looks like the Plaza Hotel in New York...that's the headquarters of the Argentinian military. Wouldn't have guessed that!

Women's bridge in the background celebrating all the achievements of women (cool!). The shape is inspired by the tango. Argentinians are really into design (clothes, building, furniture, etc.).

This is a suspension bridge and therefore bouncy as heck. Also, if I hadn't tilted my heads and arms ever so slightly, the picture would have been nearly symmetrical.

(There were more pictures, but my connection is not exactly speedy).

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David Ray said...

Very cool! Great pics! Love seeing what it's like down there.