Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Couple of Photos

My favorite blogs are are those where people post running related pictures. So, I will try to follow their lead on this blog. Here goes...

That's me (with shirt) tackling The Wall at last year's Brasstown Bald Buster [pdf], a tough 5k race that climbs a total of 1864 feet to the top of Georgia's tallest mountain (Brasstown Bald).

Impression along the course of the Hogpen Hill Climb 17k. I really enjoyed the frozen waterfalls along the course like the one on the left. Most people don't realize that it can get pretty cold here in the mountains. I've actually seen people ice climb (I wouldn't believe it unless I'd seen it with my own eyes). That let me to the conclusion that Georgia must be the only state where you can ice climb but also go see alligators.

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Jean Pommier said...

Yes, Dave, pictures definitely enhance the reader experience, thanks for "upgrading" the service! ;-)

So, you have ice, but no water (drought)? Yikes... Our reservoirs are back to full capacity in North California, we are so blessed!

Take care and good job on these hills!