Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brookhaven Rotary Club Lend A Hand 5k

Right Leg: I can't believe that we just ran a race last weekend and now he is draggin' us to another one!
Left Leg: Seriously! But at least this race is just 1/10th of the distance and we've been feeling strong and recovered. Jean Pommier would be proud.
RL: I guess. So, why are we running this again?
LL: The lady decided to run this race with a friend of hers, so why not tag along?
RL: Yeah, twist my arm!
LL: Also a great opportunity to get in a few fast miles.
RL: Yup, we've been doing so many of those slow ones. This should be fun!
LL: We'll see.
RL: I love the anticipation of starting lines. What music did he choose for this race?
LL: You won't believe it, but he's putting on Guns'n'Roses!
RL: Seriously? That's a first. Seems perfect though. So, what's the goal today?
LL: Who knows. Knowing him, he will race this one hard to see what we can still do. Do you think we can get close to the PR?
RL: 18 and change? Doubtful. We haven't been doing any fast miles. Sub-20 would be awesome though. He could be slower though.
LL: Ohhhhh, here we go!
RL: What is this place?
LL: Oglethorpe University.
RL: Why does it look like Medieval Times?
LL: Dunno.
RL: We're going fast...running in the top 5!
LL: Let's see if we can keep it up. This neighborhood is beautiful, by the way.
RL: Definitely a little bit more hilly than I had expected.
LL: That might come back to haunt us.
RL: Or the 50k last weekend. Or the margarita last night. Or the Ben & Jerry's...also last night.
LL: And here we go...I hate lactate build up.
RL: Me too.
LL: Well, we passed the two mile marker in 12:25...let's push it all the way in!
RL: Oh, it says 19:40....GO, GO, GO!
LL: Shut up! What do you think I am doing?
RL: Phew! 19:59...not bad on this course.
LL: Good enough for 6th overall and first in the age group!
RL: Yup...hopefully, he'll let us rest now.
LL: Doubtful...


Addy said...

wow!!! you are ridiculous, in an amazing sort of way...

sub 20 5k after a 50k?!?!?

Congratulations :)

Like the whimsical and enjoyable blogging style.

Congats on another race well run!

Doug said...

Ah, I do enjoy some good, clean body part personification.

Nice job! Looks like you still got some speed left after all that endurance work, huh?

Peter Lubbers said...

Great job on the sub-20. Nothing like a little Guns and Roses at the start! Which song?

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Peter - Welcome To The Jungle ;)

runningtwig said...

Congrats on the run! That is awesome!! And fun way to post a recap of the race!


nice blog, keep it going. i am currently training for the stumpjump 50k.