Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Running In and Around the Tallulah Gorge

This past week I had the great joy of traveling to North Georgia and go camping for a couple of days at the breathtaking Tallulah Gorge State Park. During my time there I went on a beautiful sunset run in and around the Tallulah Gorge.

Some photos:

I don't think that sign served its purpose with me. Instead of being scared away I smiled and thought "Bring it on!"

stairs, stairs, stairs

I tried to run this bridge, but it was swinging back and forth waaaaay too much for my liking. I resolved to walking instead.

I did not quite make it to the bottom. That trail is permit-only (those are free with daily quota of 100). Unfortunately, I didn't get one because the river was carrying too much water.

In addition, there are some back country trails (also requiring a free permit) that combine to between 10 and 15 miles. Having just run a 20 miler a couple of days prior, I decided to skip that trail and instead finished reading "The Last Season" by Eric Blehm (highly recommended!). Tapering is great!

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Jean Pommier said...

Gorgeous views, wow!
Adding pictures is such an enhancement to your blog, Dave.
And I heard that you finally got some water to fight the drought, hope it catches up.