Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Pre-Race Thoughts

As I'm looking outside at a glorious full moon, the Oak Mountain 50k is fast approaching.

Somehow this race has crept up on me. My spring has been unusually busy and my focus has not been on running. I'm not trying to set low expectations here. (I'm notorious for doing this, because so much of my performance depends on how I feel on a particular day. If my legs aren't there, I slow down and enjoy the scenery instead of killing myself out on the course).

Anyhow, I'm excited for Saturday. It doesn't feel like there is a 50k coming up, which is probably a good thing. As always, my main goal is to have fun.

Look for an extensive race report either Sunday or Monday.


Addy said...

your goal sounds perfect, and I hope you meet it and then some :) Have a great time at your 50k! Look forward to the report :D

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Dave,
Have a great race this weekend!

Alan Abbs said...

Let me be the first online to congratulate you on a great first 50K race Saturday at Oak Mountain. It was a pleasure meeting you out there. Good luck at the next one!

Alan Abbs

runningtwig said...

I hope the race went well today! Can't wait for the report!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Thank you for all the well wishes! It definitely helped. It was a great day!