Friday, April 18, 2008

Blog Carnival!

So, it’s been a bit quiet around here for the past week or so. That’s mainly due to my travels to the Sunshine State from which I just returned. As you probably know, trail running is hard to come by down there unless you’re willing to drive one hour+ or are somehow lucky enough to live right by a random park (and brave enough to risk potential encounters with alligators and/or snakes).

But while I was out, I did some nice reading on all your blogs. Here is a selection for everyone’s reading pleasure:

There were so many more great entries recently! It’s hard to link to them all here at once. I could literally post links all day, but that wouldn't fun. Not for you and not for me.

One week until SweetH20!


Addy said...

Thanks for all the great links! I'd be too scared of the wildlife down there to risk too much in trail running (something like 3 women got eaten down there while running last year!)

So exciting that there's only a week till Sweet :)

David Ray said...

I saw one gator hiking with the scouts at Jekyll Island over the weekend. He didn't look very hungry.

Unlike the deer flies and mosquitos.