Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Sort Of A Badass!

Or stupid. Or a nature boy. Or whatever.

One thing I was for sure: desperate. I went on a long run today at SweetH20 and underestimated how long I'd be running before I'd make it back to my car.
(For the locals, the power lines and Top Of The World really got to me). It was fairly warm (upper 70s) and before long I was out of water with no water source in sight. No water fountains, no car, not even hikers I could hit up for some spare fluids.

So a bad case of cotton mouth and a pounding headache drove me to the unexpected: I drank out of small stream. It seemed fairly clean. My iodine pills were at home so it was completely unfiltered. A solid 20 oz. of cold, refreshing H-2-0 was all it took for me to finish up my run successfully. Alexander Supertramp, Eustace Conway or even Anton Krupicka (read his 2007 Leadville 100 race report...he drank some unfiltered water then as well) would be proud!

(no ill-effects of any kind so far, so I should be good to go)


Tri+Umph said...

Yep, you're a badass!

Nice job doing what it took to get home alive, granted I'd say that was a pretty big risk!

However, if it was standing water (rather than running water) I would probably choose a word that starts with a 'd' instead of a 'b'!

David Ray said...

And what did we learn from the lesson today? I remember being that thirsty one time. And drinking from the ditch by the road. I think your water sounded much better.

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Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

tri+umph, it was definitely running water. It was one of those fast-flowing little creeks right out of the movies. That made things easier.

David, "always bring your iodine pills" :)

Jason Rockman said...

2 words


It can take a few days to settle in, but if it hits you'll be in a world of hurt. Hope that isn't the case.

Running out at Fort Mountain with the group on Sunday, but will let you know what's up for next weekend.

Steve Stenzel said...

That IS badass! Way to relieve that cotton mouth!

Spurgeon Hendrick said...

Dave - are you doing the Sweet H2O 50K? If so, I hope you liked the climb to the Top of The World, because the sadistic folks that laid out the course make you do it twice! On the bright side, there will be plenty of water and other treats on the course.

JoJosho said...

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