Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Know Anything About Running in China?

Over winter break (which is a nice side effect of grad school, btw), I will be going to China as part of school trip. (No, I am not just discriminating in favor of countries starting with "Chi").

I am wondering whether any of you have traveled to Shanghai or Beijing and gotten some running in. While in South America, I went on an amazing running sight seeing tour of Buenos Aires (something you can do in most US cities, too, btw). Something of that nature would be fun. Or any other tips you might have. There is one running tour group that I found in Beijing, but their runs seem awfully short.

Beijing at night
(sort of a surprising image, don't you think? - can't wait to explore!)

Any tips, advice, etc. would be very much appreciated!


Gretchen said...

I have only been to Beijing briefly, while on my way to Mongolia, and didn't run while there. I can definitely see though, that a group would be nice to run with. Maybe it's just a girl-thing, but I wouldn't have gone running by myself. (This was in 2000.)
Sounds like an awesome opportunity. What will you be doing? Can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

I was there, also in 2000, on my way home from Pyongyang. Got stuck in a hotel for one day, about half way between the airport and the city center. Got a map at the hotel and did a 2 hour run to Tianamen Square and the forbiden city. I felt completely safe. As long as you can read a map and find your way back.
Go off the beaten path and run through some of the poor neigborhoods and farmer's markets.