Sunday, January 3, 2010


That's my mileage total for 2009, which I'm happy with. It beat my minimum goal (1,500) but fell a bit short of my dream goal (2009). 1883 gets you from Berkeley somewhere outside of Iowa City if run consecutively. Not bad at all. It's also my most ever annual mileage. Sweet!

This is my third straight year of tracking my mileage all 12 months (I used to track only my training to an annual road marathon or two in years prior).

Here are the previous totals:
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a city this time that I had actually been to for visualization purposes. I have been to Dubuque, IA, but that's 2003 miles from Berkeley...


Addy said...

Very cool! It'd be fun to track my mileage, but this year it wouldn't even get me out of CA :(.

I'm guessing this year's goal is 2010?

Have a great one :D

Anonymous said...

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