Thursday, June 12, 2008

California, Here I Am!

After driving over 2,800 miles in a Penske truck complete with a trailer for my car, I have finally arrived in California! It's been almost a week since we got on the road and it was HOT! I drove without a/c the whole way to preserve gas. Now, that's what I call heat training.

That's not my actual truck and car, but my set up was the same.

My running has been limited (non-existent to be exact), but that will all change now. I'll likely run pretty much every day this summer.

The big news is that we have already found a place in Berkeley. We'll be living in an area adjacent to campus affectionately known as the "Gourmet Ghetto". It's also within walking/running distance of many, many miles of trails. Not driving to go running on dirt - what a concept!

P.s. Really cool interview is coming up. Stay tuned!


David Ray said...

Glad you arrived safely. New location sound sweet. Not having to drive to run on the trail. What a concept. Indeed.

Mickey said...

Sounds like a new adventure on the horizon. I know things will work out for you. It will be great being so close to the trails. Look forward to hearing more about how the firat few weeks go.

Gotta Run said...

I have made that drive to Cal. and back twice. That is some serious miles!!! No a/c.... you are nuts.

Enjoy the new trails. I am so jealous :(

Addy said...

Glad you got here safe! What a drive! I know the gourmet ghetto :) I hope you enjoy Berkeley- it's a beautiful place to live. Let me know if you need any trail recommendations or running club recommendations. I made some good connections while I lived there and would be glad to pass them along!