Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Karl Meltzer's AT Record Attempt

Starting this August, ultra-runner Karl Meltzer is taking on America's most famous footpath: the Appalachian Trail. Spanning a cool 2174 miles from Maine all the way down here to Spring Mountain, GA, the AT might not cover 10k+ ft mountains, but anyone who has been on it knows that it's rugged, tough, and at times downright nasty.

Karl's goal will be to beat the speed record, which currently stands at a little over 47 days. That's over 46 miles/day on average. Yikes! That's very tough to run on easy terrain let alone the rugged AT.

Check out Karl's itinerary. Maybe you want to go out and support him. (I'm sure some GUTS folks will be there). Also, whereskarl.com will be the official website of the event. There are already some very cool videos on there. Stay tuned!


Kevin said...

That is insanity at its best. I am sure there will be plenty here in GA to cheer him on when he finishes

Sunshine Girl said...

You know the goat and his AT attempt is cool and all....but those feet of yours are fabulous! But honey, you need to paint ALL of the nails, that's how it works!

Addy said...

what an amazing goal. I'd love to do that someday (or the John Muir trail over on this side of the country). I hope he makes his goal