Monday, December 24, 2007

2008 Race Schedule (Spring)

So, I (finally) decided on a race schedule for the spring (i.e. through the end of April). If you see me at any of these races, feel free to stop by and say 'hello'.

Hope to see you out there!

Runnin the Rocks 10k - Feb. 2 (Trail)
This is a brand new race, I believe. 10k is probably my least favorite distance. It's like the 800 on track, you have to go hard the whole time, but it (seemingly) takes forever. This will be a lung buster for sure, but that's ok. It's on trail. (Also, a perfect tune-up for the following week).

Red Top Rumble 11.5 - Feb. 10 (Trail)
G.U.T.S. is organizing this race (so if you're not running it, please come to help out and volunteer). I'm really looking forward to this race! Five of my co-workers are also running in it, so it should be a lot of fun. And the Rockman will be there volunteering.

Thrill in the Hills 1/2 Marathon - Mar. 1 (Trail)
I ran this race last year. Running the up-and-down mountain bike trails at Fort Yargo was a lot of fun. I look forward to returning this year!

Oak Mountain 50k - Mar. 22 (Trail)
This one is out in Alabama and will be my spring season highlight.

Country Music Marathon - Apr. 26 (Road)
A lot of my friends are running this (or the 1/2 marathon). I ran the '04 version of this race (thunder and lightning!). I won't be running to beat a particular time, but just to have fun with my friends.

Other races you might see me at
Around Peachtree Battle 5k - it's near my house, so I might incorporate this into a morning run
Hogpen Hill Climb - depends on the weather, schedules, etc.
ING Georgia - very unlikely...the start is not far from my house, so I could run there. But it's very unlikely since it's the week before Oak Mountain.


Peter Lubbers said...

Looks like a fun schedule. Good luck with the races and merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You write very well.