Thursday, December 13, 2007

Odds and Ends

One of the classic races in Georgia is this weekend, the Brasstown Bald Buster 5k. If you have an opportunity to run this race, go ahead and go up to the mountains on Sunday for the 11 o'clock start. Just don't expect a PR. The 1800+ feet vertical are brutal, but will make any hill/mountain seem like a piece of cake for many weeks thereafter.

I may be there. It all depends on tomorrow. I have a failed root canal, which in essence means the tooth in question needs to come out. Great. Not sure how I will be feeling afterwards.

On to other things, Running Times has a special trail running edition out. In it you will find an outstanding article on Tony Krupicka among other neat articles. I'm linking to the article here, but I'm encouraging you to by this magazine. It's simply outstanding.

Also, through Uli's website, I found USATF's database of certified courses. If you feel like running your favorite race not on race day (perhaps in preparation of race day), this is a great resource with maps, general info, etc.

Lastly, the next interview is lined up already. This person is an ultra legend from a couple decades ago and a fellow East Coaster.

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Gotta Run..... said...

So how was the race? What kind of 5k has elavation climbs like this? Wild!!

Need to Running times to my Christmas list. Hope it is not to late.