Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog Buddy

This morning I met up with fellow runner and GUTS member Jason Rockman (great name!). We met blogging (and there's a sentence you wouldn't have heard five years ago).

Anyhow, it was supposed to be an easy six mile run, but I hadn't run at this particular trail in a while and led us on an 8+ miler. That's by far the longest I have run since injuring myself on that same trail. The formal name is Cochran Shoals, but people around here call it simply "The River" (as in the Chattahoochee).

Conversation with Jason was great. Not only do we have running in common, but we know some of the same people professionally. And he looked very familiar. Turns out that we ran together for a couple of miles at the Sweetwater half-marathon back in April. Good times!

P.s. Another interview is coming soon. Hint: If you listen to running podcasts, you'll know who this person is.

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Gotta Run..... said...

Atlanta trail Not to far from Greenville,SC.

Any really cool trail races you could pass along? I just discovered a new trail not far from my house last night. Sneaking out of work early to run it with a friend. SO EXCITED!!

Also noticed that Yoga is a part of your cross training. i just added it this week and love it already. Really need to focus on flexibity. Something all runners need.

Glad you enjoyed your run even if it ended up being longer than you first thought.