Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Progress or "Every Run Is A Gift"

Even though I'm having some tooth issues that had me going to not one but two inconclusive dentist/specialist appointments today (the third attempt will follow this Monday), I went on a nice little 3+ mile run this evening. That has been typical fare in terms of distance in my post-severed ligament world. It's humbling how 25 minutes can tire me as much as a two hour run only 8 weeks ago.

But I'm enjoying every second I'm out there. Sort of taking the "Lance approach". Who cares whether my lungs hurt? I'm staying out here and keeping pace! The thought that every run is a gift stays on my mind constantly remembering my terrible couch potato days last month.

I'm slowly starting to feel stronger, however I will not run Fatass as originally planned. It's a little too much too soon. My winter/spring schedule will be finalized over the next couple of weeks.

See you out there!


Doug said...

Well said, Dave. It sounds like we're progressing at about the same rate; I got out for 3 miles yesterday and will be doing the same tomorrow.

Its so much better than being on the couch all day. I seriously don't see how people do it; it takes some real dedication!

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