Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big News: I'm Leaving Atlanta

Yes, you read that correctly: I am leaving Atlanta.


In ten days, my lady and I are moving West. Waaaaaaay West...all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm going back to school to pursue my MBA at Cal-Berkeley's Haas Business School. Go Bears!
I can get used to this

It doesn't hurt, of course, that the Bay Area is such a haven for trail runners.

This summer I will travel around the United States as part of a little sabbatical. Those travels will include lots of trails but more on that later.

For all of you from the Bay Area, I'm looking for a trail running club. Sorta like G.U.T.S. ... just with people that say things like "gnarly" or "I work for [insert technology company here]".

Also, where can I find races? I know of PCTR but nothing beyond that other than the general TrailRunner Magazine listings. Is there a comprehensive list of trail runs for (Northern) California?

Boy, I'm so exited!! More to come...

Completely unrelated to trail running...but this picture has always made me smile and it's somewhat relevant to this there!


Jean Pommier said...


Again, and publicly this time, welcome to the Bay Area!!

Races in the area? Start with Stan Jensen's website. You will see Stan at most of the races, BTW.

Ok, so now, who is representing the East in our ultra blogosphere?

Farther Faster

Anders said...

Welcome to the Bay Area! (Scott Dunlap's local blog-- you're probably a reader already) (Sat. morning trail runs on Mt Tam!) (monthly trail run hosted by Palo Alto Run Club, also references the BARF trail group which is a low-key weekly run via e-mail group) (Wednesday night trail runs in the East Bay hills!)

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Dave,
No shortage of races in the bay area. Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada foothills are just a short drive away as well.
Look forward to meeting you on the trails.

David Ray said...

Good news for you! Thanks for the good work you did on the race listings and the trails map.

And don't forget what Mr. Goodson found out about no Chik-fil-a and no Waffle House.

Sunshine Girl said...

Where do you find races? How about EVERYWHERE! Whether it's the climate, or the population, or the surplus of crazy trailrunners, it seems to me there is a race every weekend if you want it in the Bay Area!

Congrats and looking forward to tales of future adventures....


runningtwig said...

Wow! Good for you! That is an awesome place to move. If not for all of our family being here, we would pick up and move in a heartbeat...all those mountains and trails out there. I can't wait to read about your adventures!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Thanks for all the information and well-wishes y'all (can't say THAT much longer).

Five more days! :)