Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Season in Review

My spring season has come to a close and it was quite a ride. I’m an officially an ultra-runner now. And I’m having more fun than ever before. Looking back at my goals for 2008 that was clearly important to me coming into this year (and still is):
Have Fun Running: Often I find that focusing too hard on one goal or preparing just for one race can be stressful and may detract from my original reason of why I run: to have fun. My spring schedule is set up in a way to maximize the fun aspect of running.

So, let’s look at the damage I did:

Runnin’ the Rocks 10k: This race was easily the low-point of my running career. I bonked two miles into a six mile race. Not good. But I learned two lessons: 1) Everybody is going to have a bad race. You, me, everybody. And it will teach you a lesson in humility. 2) Don’t run a hard work out less than 24 hours prior to a race and then expect to do well the next day. That’s just not going to work.

Red Top Rumble 11.5M: Now, this was a fun race! Lots of my friends ran this with me. And my confidence level was back to normal.

Thrill in the Hills ½ Marathon: I love Thrill in the Hills. As a matter of fact, I’ve run all of them so far (there have been two). And they have scenic port-a-johns.

Oak Mountain 50k: Going into this race I was really worried. Was I worthy of becoming an ultra-runner? How would my body hold up? My goal was just to fight and toughen things out until the end. Well, it wasn’t all that bad and actually a lot of fun (sense a theme yet?). I will never forget the Oak Mountain Experience!

SweetH2O 50k: Powerlines. Dorkiness. And lots of H2O.

All in all, this has been a phenomenal first half of the year. It gets me very excited for what is to come!


Sunshine Girl said...

Here's to many more fun filled adventures on the trail. What are the next big goals to survive your sweaty summer??

Our season is just gearing up...the natural running progression is to hibernate in winter, train in spring, summer and do something big in fall.


Anonymous said...
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