Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here we go, 2008!

I’m not generally a man of New Year’s resolutions, however, I do have some running goals for this year.

Have Fun Running

Often I find that focusing too hard on one goal or preparing just for one race can be stressful and may detract from my original reason of why I run: to have fun. My spring schedule is set up in a way to maximize the fun aspect of running. I really don’t care about PRs or anything like that this year. 2007 really helped me rediscover the joy of running. The trails were a big part of that.

Beat My 2007 Total Mileage

This should be very doable barring any injuries. Can you hear me knocking on wood? No? Well, you’re not listening hard enough then!

Explore New Trails

That shouldn’t be too hard either. There are a bunch that I haven’t run in the Atlanta area. And who knows how many trails there are waiting for me in North Georgia and on my travels this year.

Keep Up This Blog

I’m really enjoying the process more and more every single day. It’s become another hobby. Btw, does anyone have any suggestions on who should be interviewed next? E-mail me or leave a comment. (Preferably with contact information for that person.)

Good luck in 2008, everybody! I hope to see you out there on the trails!


Doug said...

I'm the same way: not big on resolutions, but goals out the wazoo!

I love the goals, focusing on why we enjoy running is what keeps it fun!

Gotta Run said...

Goals are goals but focus and fun is everything.


Maybe an interview with Pam Reed. Just received a signed book in the mail from her last week. One of the girls contacted her by cell phone during our training for Ultra's last year. She was so nice and gave us a TON of training info.

Just a thought.

Christine said...

Hey! Are you running the ING Georgia? I'm excited to come to "hotlanta." I almost went to Emory for grad school...but ended up choosing Savannah instead. However I'm very excited to come visit and run my heart out in March ;)