Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Know You're a Trailrunner if...

1) you think dirty shoes (or clothes) are cool. The dirtier, the better!

2) you've ever seen an animal on a run, you had never seen in real life before.

3) you've ever gotten nervous when you saw an animal track you didn't recognize

4) you read TrailRunner Magazine cover to cover within 2 hours of receiving it in the mail

5) you think that in training time spent on the trail is more important than miles run

6) you think there is a HUGE difference between 'running' and 'trail running'

7) the more vertical feet the better

8) you've ever converted a runner into a trail runner

9) you've ever scanned Google Earth/Maps before an out-of-town trip to see where the closest trail is

10) you've ever wondered why more people aren't running on trails

11) you've gotten mad at yourself for not having discovered the joys of trails earlier in your running 'career'

12) 'single track', 'double track' and 'fire road' are part of your everyday vernacular

13) you've ever wondered what you'd do if you got injured while out on the trail miles away from your car (or, alternatively, have been in such a situation)

14) you think running uphill preferable

15) flat = boring

16) you've spent hours on the trail and not seen a single person....and thought that was incredible

17) nature is your haven

18) you've ever thought about some new trail at work, dinner or another inappropriate (?) time

19) you think running 50 or even 100 miles is completely sane and rational

20) you kept nodding reading this list

The above list was recently composed during a long run out on the trails. Comment away if you think of more!

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