Saturday, January 12, 2008

And Again... happened. This time I sprained my other ankle. But it's not too bad. Certainly won't make me go to the doctor or pull out my crutches. It happened while on a beautiful run yesterday, around 12 miles into it. I had been feeling great and was going to push for 20. Instead I hobbled back to my car, which was around 1 mile+ away.

Since I would classify this as a mild sprain with some swelling, I am choosing an "active" recovery strategy with some light running in, hopefully, a few days. I've got races coming up that I need get ready for! Kevin Sayer's site has been a great resource for tips and other runners' experiences. (If you don't know about this site, you should check it out!)

Also, I will be wearing ankle braces on trail runs from here on out.

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Christine said...

Be careful!! Ice and rest:)