Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trailrunning in the Snow

This past Saturday, it snowed again. Again! Twice in one week. And it came down hard in Atlanta, consistently snowing for about five hours. I took the opportunity to hit my favorite trails near the River. To quote another, it was simply "majestic". A couple of of inches of the white stuff had transformed the beautiful single track trails into a winter wonderland. One of the most memorable runs in recent memory.

Unfortunately, my camera did not work on that run (I need to make sure my camera is charged before going for a run). However, the next day my we went hiking in the North Georgia mountains. We made the five mile round trip to Raven Claw Falls in 20 degree weather. Below are a few pictures to give you a hint of how gorgeous it was.

The beautiful trail.

Yes, that's Georgia.

Raging rapids.

At Raven Claw Falls.

My first race of the year is coming up in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!


Doug said...

People often ask us why we run.

That is why we run.

Even if its only a rare occasion, I think its one reason even a non runner could wrap their head around.

runningtwig said...

That looks awesome! I'm glad your recovery is going well. Keep it up!

Addy said...

Wow!!! I hope someday I get the chance to run in snow :) It just looks so incredibly beautiful!