Friday, January 25, 2008

Something New To Try Out

Now that it's cold here most of the time and that I'm not sweating as profusely, I have started to literally run errands. For example, yesterday I first ran to the post office to drop off a Netflix movie and then headed to the drugstore for some baby gift wrapping paper (my friends seem to be having lots and lots of babies these days).

The result: 3.6 miles, a nice little run and a couple of errands done.

You should give it a try some time! It's healthy, saves you money (gas) and is environmentally friendly (if you're into that sort of thing).


runningtwig said...

Pictures do make the blogs much better. Your pic is almost as good as mine! I think the finish line cameras do it on purpose!

Adelyn said...

great thing to be doing! I wish I didn't live up on a hill away from town, otherwise I'd do it myself. Hopefully when I live in a more accessible place I can do that too! I did do that in berkeley, which was super handy. Ran to class (literally) sometimes when I needed a run and was running late :)