Thursday, January 17, 2008


It doesn't snow much in this city. In fact, in almost nine years of living here it has snowed maybe three or four times but without any accumulation worth mentioning. Well, that changed yesterday. Thick snow flakes started coming down right during rush hour. I decided to skip my run and instead go play in the snow. Here are some photos.

snow is so rare in Atlanta that we pull out our cameras immediately if we see any at all

Memorial Park was empty - the perfect playground

Snow Angel - I hear these are popular up north

It's the morning after now. Of course, most of the white goodness is gone. Even our hopes of a delayed opening of our office went down the drain as warmer air (mid 30s) and rain came this way late last night.

It was fun while it lasted!


Gotta Run said...

Loving the Snow!! Sad it is already melting :(

It makes everything so beautiful!!

Christine said...

I heard it snowed in hotlanta! No such luck in the Sav. I asked if it snowed if we would cancel class...they laughed in my face and replied "honey it has never snowed in Savannah" (I am orig from Ohio..haha)

Peter Lubbers said...

Maybe that will take care of the drought problem you mentioned in your previous post :)

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

It actually is helping quite a bit with the drought. In addition, we're supposed to get snow again today (I know!). Good stuff!